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Public Utilities and Telecommunications Law

Public Utilities and Telecommunications Business Lawyers

Public utilities and telecommunications companies face a stringent regulatory environment. Compliance with these various regulations is critical. Any company in this industry, or any company desiring entry into this industry, must align itself with legal counsel that has an intuitive understanding of the many different legal issues involved. Becker & Hebert has extensive experience representing utilities and telecommunications companies. We take a proactive approach aimed at minimizing risk and potential liability. Our experience in this niche field of law, as well as our extensive municipal law and business law background, affords us the opportunity to anticipate our clients’ needs and develop solutions aimed at meeting these needs. Our attorneys are a statewide resource for companies in this field, undertaking a number of core functions for utilities and telecommunication agencies, including:
    • Interacting with regulatory agencies
    • Researching state law to ensure compliance
    • Contract negotiation and drafting
    • Bidding and procurement issues
    • Service agreements
    • Power supply contracts
    • Electric, telecommunications, and video franchise agreements
  • Fuel contracts
  • Video programming contracts
  • Retransmission consent agreements

Our lawyers can be actively engaged in the day-to-day aspects of operation as necessary.

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